Progressive Stamping

The right tool, the right production technology and the right materials are imperitive for the quality of the end product. Our experience in the mass production of precision parts with the selective use of all stamping raw materials enables us to be the ideal partner for parts with demanding stamping requirements.

Precision Stamping

Processes for precision cutting and forming are combined to economically produce precision parts, improve competitiveness, and enable us to produce the smallest of parts with precision while reducing the number of process steps.


Our in-house development work and many years of experience have helped us become a worldwide market leader for microstamping.


When products require stamped and precision stamped parts or formed parts in an assembly, Hänggi is the right partner for you. We have the right know-how for series production with low and high volumes to be able to offer you complete solutions. We develop and design complete production lines and rotary table automation right up to the conditioning or palletization of the finished product.

Surface Treatment

Vibratory finishing, barrel-polishing, vibration treatment, deburring with centrifugal force, polishing, belt grinding, treatment with brushes, etc.
Fully automatic vibratory finishing centers for economic production of low and high volume series. Washing and degreasing in closed systems with environmentally-friendly solvents.

Production Planning

The production-planning department located at the heart of the production is just as important as the production itself.

Planning and process control at each production stage guarantee economic production of the part.


Module Punch

Module punch tool